Monday, December 17, 2018

Fruit picking job : Information session in Melbourne and Sydney

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100s Vacancy for Fruit Picking!
Immediate start!!!


Currently Available Location: Shepparton (Tomatoes/Cherries) 
or Sheparton
Accommodation location: Huggard St. Shepparton VIC 3630

Better for dependent and TR Visa holders!
Tourist visa and parent visa can apply.

Rental expenses 120 per week, Will be managed!

Please Genuine Candidate only, Read properly before contacting!

(Tadha bhayeko le utai basnu parne huncha, so ramro saga herera decide garnu hola, job ramro cha ramro income, but Sydney aauna jana garo huncha, kaile kahi chutti milayera auna saknu huncha, 7 days nai kaam garnu parcha bhanne chaina. uta living ko lagi sabai byabasta milaidincha)

If you are interested please
Complete the form below
text your name and address, with visa status to
0413548708(text only)
Thank you

Travel information 

Next Group heading to Shepparton Monday 17 Dec, 2018
Departure 8:30 PM from Central Station
Total Fair:
Train (9 Hour) $115.28
Bus (10 Min) $ 10
you will arrive to the destination next day morning 6 AM. 


Rental Expenses for one week $120
Food : 60 
Transportation from accommodation to farm: 6$ per day.  $ 36 per week

individual need to prepare own food. you can make a group for kitchen and food. 
there are shopping centers available. 

Things to Carry:
Back up fund including transportation 300-500

Bedsheet, Pillows, small blanket, 
personal belongings, shoes, better if you have safety boots. 
Caps, etc.

Kitchen stuffs. 

We are trying to manage kitchen stuffs. We will try to manage food for everyone together. 
If you wish to bring your own kitchen stuff and want to cook food separately, you can bring stuff with you. this will be better Idea. 

You can pay ticket price and expenses for one month , average of 300 to your group leader. 
if you want to pay weekly after arriving Shepparton, please pay the train and bus fair for Ticket booking. 

Bank Account: 
Name: Sheela Group
BSB: 062-184
Account Number: 1173 5337

Note: This amount doesn't include any service charge or fee so your won't get any invoices for this one. this amount will be expensed on behalf of you. and expenses detail will be provided later. 

If you couldn't book your seat and unable to transfer deposit for your ticket, you can try next group.
Please contact group leader for next trip to the Farm.  Normally, joining to the farm occurs every 15 days. 

if you have any queries please text or call to 0413548708 (Suresh)

Thank you.

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